Speaker: Professor Yousef Ibrahim, Department of Engineering, Federation University Australia

Time: May 18th, 2023

This talk described a method that was conducted in Australia to enable the local industrial community that benefits from the University’s knowledge and skills in Mechatronics. A research centre was set up with a special governance structure to enable both governmental and academic institutions’ aims and objectives met.

A project example related to the challenge of automating fresh fish sorting for Australian fishery was presented as a case study. Also, the techniques developed for the automation of fish size identification in addition to the automation of fish separation and sorting, in compliance with the required fast industry throughput, were presented. The system has been implemented in the local fish export industry, providing a low-cost operation with improved productivity and reliability.

An illustration of this case study in helping the advancement of regional industry’s competitive edge was presented. Also, lessons learned from this Australian case study was addressed in this forum.