Hamilton-KW Life Member spring lunch and meeting

Southcote 53 Tap and Grill, 534 Garner Road E, Ancaster, Ontario, Canada, L9G 3K9

Semi-annual lunch and presentation.Speaker(s): Jeremy Wang, Agenda: 11:30 Arrival12:00 Lunch12:30 Speaker2:00 AdjournSouthcote 53 Tap and Grill, 534 Garner Road E, Ancaster, Ontario, Canada, L9G 3K9

High Altitude Platform Stations (HAPS) in Near-Space: Towards an Integrated Network of Networks

Virtual: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/410338

IEEE VTS Chicago is pleased to invite VTS Distinguished Speaker Prof. Halim Yanikomeroglu of Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada to give a VTS Distinguished Lecture on High Altitude Platform Stations (HAPS) in Near-Space: Towards an Integrated Network of Networks. We are also pleased to work with various other co-hosts from the US and Canada. This meeting is virtual so please register on Zoom at https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZUrcemgqDMtGdw9a04DNTVGs1CMJDlXKR-R.Speaker(s): Halim Yanikomeroglu, Agenda: All times in CDT:6:00 to 6:05 PM Introduction6:05 to 6:45 PM VTS Distinguished Lecture: Prof. Halim Yanikomeroglu6:45 to 6:55 PM Q&A6:55 to 7:00 PM Closing and adjournmentVirtual: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/410338

Section Executive Committee Meeting

Room: Engineering Boardroom (ED 436.14), Bldg: Education Building, 3737 Wascana Pkwy, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, S4S0A2, Virtual: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/422075

Section ExCom MeetingAgenda: -1. Call to Order2. Acceptance of Agenda3. Acceptance of Previous Minutes4. Section Update5. Financial Update6. AOB7. AdjournmentRoom: Engineering Boardroom (ED 436.14), Bldg: Education Building, 3737 Wascana Pkwy, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, S4S0A2, Virtual: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/422075

Welcome to the Industry Mixer at LB Distillers

814 47th St E, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, S7K 0X4

Mark your calendars for an evening of connections and discovery at "Welcome to the Industry Mixer at Lucky Bastard Distillers" on Wednesday, May 29th, 2024. This event is hosted by IEEE Young Professionals and WIE (Women in Engineering). Offers a welcoming and informal atmosphere perfect for making new connections. Your ticket opens the door to engaging conversations, a behind-the-scenes distillery tour, tasty appetizers, and a complimentary beverage. Don't miss the chance to encounter potential future business partners, colleagues, future employers, and mentors!The Welcome to the Industry Mixer event's main purpose is for new graduates and engineering students to immerse themselves in the local IEEE community. This is a great way for new graduates to make connections within their industry.Ticket Information:- Engineering Students (Class of 2024): Enjoy complimentary access as our honored guests.- WIE and IEEE Members: Your exclusive rate is $15.- General Admission (Non-members): A full evening of opportunity awaits you at $20.IEEE Young Professionals- IEEE Young Professionals is an international community of enthusiastic, dynamic, and innovative members and volunteers. IEEE is committed to helping young professionals evaluate their career goals, polish their professional image, and create the building blocks of a lifelong and diverse professional network.WIE- IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) is a global network of IEEE members and volunteers dedicated to promoting women engineers and scientists, and inspiring girls around the world to follow their academic interests in a career in engineering and science.Agenda: Start TimeDescription6:00pmRegistration Starts6:45pmDistillery Tour- Group 17:30pmDistillery Tour- Group 28:00pmMore Network & More Mingle814 47th St E, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, S7K 0X4


Virtual: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/414355

IEEE Kitchener-Waterloo Section PES chapter is continuing its power system webinar series for academia and industry professionals. The third webinar of this series is on topic " Real-time simulation and hardware-in-the-loop testing for grid modernization", which will occur on 30th May 2024. In coming months in 2024, other webinars on current challenges faced in the power system domain will be organized. Stay tuned!Speaker(s): Kati Sidwall, Virtual: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/414355

Navigating the Career Jungle: Unleashing Your Success in Today’s Work Landscape

Virtual: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/420642

Workplace habits and expectations have changed significantly in the last several years.Surviving and thriving depends on your ability to grasp the broader picture and hone some essential skills.In these days of extreme competition, what is it that makes you get that job or assignment that you are very good at? The invariable answer: when someone like a professor, manager, or peer makes a recommendation or provides a reference, the likelihood of success is much higher than going it alone. Making sure that professors/managers/peers are familiar with your work and personality attributes is crucial to getting desirable results. Consider, for example, starting early on and offering your help or services to professors/manager/peers, and follow through with it—and when the time comes, make a request for a recommendation. The resulting recommendation is much more beneficial just because of your approach to networking. Thus, in order to get something from a network, you are contributing or investing in the network upfront, for a much better outcome. This presentation discusses the why and how of networking internals to increase your chances of success and the quantity and quality of returns.Likewise, if we do not manage relations with managers and peers in the workplace, we will not have the resources to get our jobs done. Communication—of all kinds—is an essential part of this management. Can we ask better questions? How do we work with difficult people? Do we always say nice things, but carry a stick? Have we tried talking-up? Are we deadline-passionate, and how do we manage that?Do you believe that conflict holds creative potential, conflict is unavoidable and common, and conflict and negotiation are central parts of workplace life? If you do, you are already ahead in the game. For most of the remaining folks who get stressed out dreading conflict in the workplace, this presentation offers perspectives on conflict in the workplace and practical approach to handle conflicts or differences. We include discussions on topics such as handling criticism, and how important it is for us to deviate from our comfort zones once in a while to set different expectations for everyone—including ourselves.We will discuss all this and more with examples and anecdotes.You'll walk away more aware to train yourself to be relevant and successful in today's workplace.Speaker(s): Mr. Bala Prasanna, Agenda: 7:00PM - Introduction of IEEE Hamilton Section7:15PM - Presentation8:15PM - Q&A8:30PM - Presentation EndVirtual: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/420642

Innovative Sensing Technology for Fugitive Hydrogen Emissions Detection

Room: 10704, Bldg: Applied Sciences Building, ASB 10704, Simon Fraser Unviersity - Burnaby, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, V5A 0A7, Virtual: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/420119

The urgent need to address climate change is recognised globally with Australia adopting a net zero emissions target by 2050 and commitments to reduce carbon emissions by 2030. The adoption of hydrogen as a substitute for carbon-containing fossil fuels would prevent emissions of greenhouse gases. However, hydrogen is itself an indirect greenhouse gas and any leakage of hydrogen in the atmosphere because of fugitive emissions from a hydrogen economy will impact the climate, partially offsetting the climate benefits of a reduction in CO2. Hydrogen is a volatile, and odorless gas with relatively small molecular size and low viscosity; thus, hydrogen systems are highly prone to leakage. As such, there is an urgent need to build capacity to detect and minimise fugitive hydrogen emissions to the environment. To address the risk of hydrogen fugitive emissions and leaks, robust, reliable, real-time, power efficient, and scalable sensing and leak detection technologies, including advanced hydrogen gas sensors should be employed. Currently many different types of hydrogen sensor are commercially available or in development. However, to meet the demands of an evolving future hydrogen economy, ongoing research has focused on continuously enhancing sensitivity, selectivity, response time, low detection limit and reliability in addition to reducing sensor size, cost, and power consumption. We have developed innovative gas sensing technologies via synthesising hybrid photoactive nanomaterials using facile chemical methods. These nanomaterials include Pd-TiO2 hollow nanospheres, rGO-Pd-TiO2 and Pd-TiO2 solid nanospheres that have shown promising results to detect hydrogen gas at room or low operating temperature (i.e., low power requirements) with high sensitivity and selectivity and fast response (within seconds) by using photoexcitation. This talk discusses benefits of nanomaterial hybridisation and photoexcitation to hydrogen gas sensing, the underlying sensing mechanisms, and strategies to overcome current limitations.Speaker(s): MahnazRoom: 10704, Bldg: Applied Sciences Building, ASB 10704, Simon Fraser Unviersity - Burnaby, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, V5A 0A7, Virtual: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/420119

Emerging Machine Learning Technologies for Intelligent Systems

Virtual: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/419964

Contemporary intelligent systems are complex, featuring interactive and dynamic subprocesses. Optimal performance depends on a thorough understanding of the dynamic models of these subprocesses. Yet, accurately modeling such subprocesses and their interconnections with precise mathematical models has become increasingly challenging. Additionally, uncertainties, both parametric and unstructured, complicate decision-making processes and affect response times at various levels. As the complexity of models describing these subprocesses and their interactions escalates, so does the challenge in computationally managing their control solutions. This has led to a need for robust machine learning techniques that provide model-free solutions to complex multi-objective optimization problems in real-time. Recent advances in data-driven methods, particularly those involving reinforcement learning strategies such as value iteration and policy iteration, are promising. These approaches leverage the relationship between Bellman's and Hamilton's optimality principles to provide real-time solutions. They are being applied in multi-agent settings to tackle challenges in graphical games and are also used to develop adaptive learning strategies for intelligent systems. These strategies, which are flexible in managing the dynamics of model-following errors, incorporate innovative adaptive critics using approximate Lagrange-based projection adaptation techniques to ensure convergent adaptation. These machine learning approaches have proven effective in controlling a variety of applications, including flexible-wing aircraft, robotic manipulators, and swarms of mobile robots.Speaker(s): Dr. AbouheafVirtual: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/419964

IEEE Durham Region Sub-Section Speaker Series Presents: Enabling Resilient Cyber-Power Critical Infrastructure with Edge Devices

Room: 022, Bldg: Shawenjigivening Hall, 2000 Simcoe Street North, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, L1G0C5, Virtual: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/420768

Integrating electric vehicles (EV) and distributed energy resources (DER) presents multiple challenges while offering solutions for grid operation. Using internet-of-things (IoT) technology for EVs and DERs improves the resiliency of the grid but introduces cyber vulnerabilities. Minimizing the impact of cyber attacks on the grid depends on factors such as cyber defense planning, grid operator training and using metrics for operational decision-making. A standardized metric system is required to quantify cyber resiliency and use them for systems with edge devices. The talk covers the basics of cyber-power security and resiliency, operational decision tools, resiliency metrics for the grid and a testbed to validate these cyber resilience tools.Speaker(s): Anurag K Srivastav, Room: 022, Bldg: Shawenjigivening Hall, 2000 Simcoe Street North, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, L1G0C5, Virtual: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/420768

Tech Nexus: Networking Event & Expert Talk on PCB Design Challenges and AI with Zachariah Peterson

Bldg: C.A.W, Alumni Auditorium, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Join us to learn about the ins and outs of printed circuit board (PCB) design challenges and the profound impact of AI technology on the PCB design process. PCBs serve as vital components in an array of digital devices, including laptops, robots, mobile phones, aircraft, and satellites.During this event, we will delve into the complexities of PCB board and how to mitigate some of the challenges while designing. Our esteemed guest and presenter, Zachariah Peterson, will offer invaluable insights into these challenges, providing attendees with a deeper understanding of the evolving landscape of PCB design.Additionally, the event will feature separate booths for participating organizations and our distinguished guest, providing students with the opportunity to engage with industry experts, gain insights into their respective organizations, and establish meaningful connections. Attendees are encouraged to interact, ask questions.Bldg: C.A.W, Alumni Auditorium, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Constrained control of networked control systems

Room: EV 11.119, Bldg: EV Building, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H3G 1M8

The Montreal Chapter of Control Systems (CS) cordially invites you to attend the following in-person talk, which will be given by Dr. Domenico Famularo, Associate Professor at the University of Calabria (Italy).Co-sponsored by: Concordia UniversitySpeaker(s): Dr. Domenico FamularoRoom: EV 11.119, Bldg: EV Building, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H3G 1M8

Digital Marketing in Tech: From Basics to Advanced Strategies (IEEE Member Exclusive Registration)

Virtual: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/420731

Join our six-class workshop that dives into the essentials of digital marketing for tech professionals. You'll explore key platforms and strategies, starting with an introduction to digital marketing, followed by comprehensive sessions on Meta Ads creation, optimization, and analytics. Learn to navigate additional advertising platforms like Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and discover how to harness the power of management tools for streamlined campaign management. By the end, you'll understand how to effectively plan and execute a cohesive digital marketing campaign while staying ahead of future trends. Plus, by joining these workshops, you will have access to an exclusive Slack channel along with other experts in digital marketing, where you can share and discuss real-life examples and interesting related information.You will receive a certificate of completion from IEEE, and this workshop can count towards your training hours for Optional CPD. Whether you're new to digital marketing or seeking to sharpen your skills, this workshop has something for you.[]Agenda: Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes each session.- June 6: Introduction to Digital Marketing- Explore digital marketing fundamentals and their business relevance.- Discuss various channels including SEO, PPC, social media, and content marketing.- Understand differences between B2B and B2C strategies.- June 13: Deep Dive into Meta Ads- Create effective Facebook and Instagram ads, focusing on format and content.- Master audience targeting and segmentation.- June 20: Analyzing and Optimizing Meta Ads- Understand essential ad metrics (CTR, CPC, conversion rates).- Apply optimization techniques and data-driven improvements.- Learn A/B testing methods to boost ad results.- June 27: Introduction to Other Advertising Platforms- Dive into Google Ads, exploring Keyword Planner and Google Trends.- Discuss successful campaign examples and challenges.- July 11: Expanding to Other Advertising Platforms- Overview of LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, YouTube Ads.- Comparative analysis to guide platform selection.- July 18: Using Management Platforms and Tools + Putting It All Together- Explore management tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, and Google Analytics.- Integrate various digital marketing platforms effectively.Virtual: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/420731